Drag and drop the items on the following list until they are in order from most preferred at the top to least preferred at the bottom. When you are done, press confirm to record your vote.

  1. Forth—Stack-based functional language
  2. Self (the pure prototype language.)
  3. Lua—JavaScript competitor in game sector
  4. Python—mature, simple, defacto scripting language of the future
  5. OCaml
  6. Ruby—Simple and elegant, the way O-O was meant to be
  7. Clojure—it’s like Lisp, only better
  8. IO (The minimalist prototype language)
  9. Factor—a stack-based language for the new millennium
  10. Oz language, which supports declarative programming, object-oriented programming, constraint program
  11. PostScript—because it is both interesting and historically significant
  12. Haskell—Static Typing as if you meant it and functional programming at its purest
  13. Javascript—runs in more places than any other language. First-class functions and prototyping make
  14. Common Lisp—everything since copies some of its best ideas
  15. Prolog—it’ll blow your mind (if you can understand it)
  16. Erlang—concurrency made easy
  17. Scala—all the buzz at JavaCon this year