Team Photo

Selectricity was designed and built in the MIT Media Lab in the Computing Culture group. The team (pictured above from left to right), includes Benjamin Mako Hill, Alyssa Wright, Justin Sharps, Courtland Allen, and John Dong.

Benjamin Mako Hill

Benjamin Mako Hill is the founder and leader of the project. He is a long-time free software developer and advocate and a rebel with rather too many causes. More information on Mako and his many projects can be found on his website

Alyssa Wright

Alyssa Wright is a Masters student at the MIT Media Lab. Her role in Selectricity includes coordination of design and business development.

Justin Sharps

Justin Sharps is a native of Southern California who spent summer 2007 in Massachusetts (bleh) convincing himself that sitting in front of a computer for more than 8 hours a day is, in fact, an OK way to spend the summer. For the project, Justin focused on visualizing the results of the elections and implementing the user system to keep track of voters. Justin loves programming when not occupied by any of his numerous hobbies such as homework, doing homework, hiding from homework, or setting homework on fire. He also likes cars, expensive jeans, and sunsets.

Courtland Allen

Hailing from the cold, hard, paved, 2-lane streets of Atlanta, Courtland Allen is now a junior at MIT majoring in Computer Science. When not sitting in front of his computer creating websites and what not, he can be found teaching beginner CSS classes or spending (generally) unproductive time chilling with his fraternity brothers. His motto is, "Think for yourself." Courtland contributed to the visual design of the site including its HTML, CSS styling, and images.

John Dong

John Dong is a MIT undergraduate and a hacker. His role on Selectricity involved writing tests and designing and building the API interface. He's also an administrator on the Ubuntu Forums and leader of the Ubuntu backports project.