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Selectricity is a flexible and powerful. This page lists some of the major features that Selectricity has to offer.


QuickVotes are elections that are designed to be as simple and easy as possible. They are like polls but are built on Selectricity's heavy-duty election manchinery. They can be created in under a minute and voted on in just a few seconds.

QuickVotes are meant for simple, quick decisions. They are not limited to registered lists of voters. They support simple lists of options -- no pictures, no position statements, and no long descriptions. They are simple enough to decide where a group is going to dinner, what you're going to name a project, or when to have a group meeting.

The best way to learn more is to create a quickvote now!


Selectricity puts powerful election machinery into the palm of your hand.

To use Selectricity, users need to access to a computer and a web browser -- which they don't always have in front of them. Sectricity Anywhere solves this problem. It provides an interface to the system technology entirely accessible through short emails and optimized for sending use over email/SMS from any mobile phone.

Elections Coming Soon

Selectricity Elections showcase all of what Selectricity has to offer. They support lists of candidates or choices with position statements and pictures and secure lists of voters. They have start and end dates and features to help made votes both anonymous and voter-verifiable.

Selectricity Elections have been used by student groups to elect officers and by non-profit organizations to elect their boards of directors. They bring some of the best of what the world of high-tech election technology has to offer to bear on every day decision-making.

API Coming Soon
Programmers and hackers may want to use Selectricity from within their own site or to embed Selectricity functional into their own system. Selectricity makes that simple with a featureful API and the ability to "embed" elections.